Hello cake lovers

Short story:
I love cake. I love to make cake. I love to eat cake. I want to share my love for cake with you.

Long story:
I’m Farheen. 26. Business analyst. England. Northern roots. Southern resident. Love food. Hate mess.

The kitchen is my favourite place in a house. I enjoy creating new concoctions – not always the best – but hey I’m an amateur! Although I do love a good technical cooking challenge (e.g. macaroons), most of my recipes are relatively simple, but NEVER lacking in taste. So give them a try! I’d love to know how you get on, and whether you have any suggested changes.

I have created this blog to share my favourite recipes and ideas with you. It starts with cakes, but who knows how it will evolve! If you have any suggestions of foods/desserts you would like me to post about – then pop in a comment.

Want to learn more about me or my blog? Email me: fmunshi86@gmail.com.


19 thoughts on “Hello cake lovers

  1. Hi Farheen, thank you for dropping by and liking my blog so that I can discover your wonderful work. I am following and looking forward to your many recipes.


  2. Great dessert blog you have here. I too am fond of the sweet stuff. I sell dessert’s here in the States (Idaho).

    I would like to invite you to my blog Fun with Food ( http://www.savorthefood.com/blg ). I have food videos and hands on how-to’s (written instructions with photos). we make dinners, desserts and side dishes. I even post about the nutritional and health value of food.

    Again you are invited. If you wish, leave your info in the follow box and keep receiving all posted information when it is available.

    Mean time I look forward to more from Lemon Cake (which by the way is a great theme for your blog. Seems like it fits you). 🙂


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